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How to Make Pillow Gift Boxes

There was a time when people used to give away gift items as the way they are! But with the passage of time, the trends have changed. People now present the gifts in a beautiful bundling. The presentation also matters like the gift item.

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Gifts are considered as the token of love. So, they have to be presented in a good manner. A pillow gift box is a perfect way to wrap and present a gift.

Pillow gift boxes are widely used around the world. They are easily available at the gift shops. They are beautiful and attractive as well as they can serve the purpose of the gift packaging stylishly. They can be personalized with the gift item.


With the help of latest printing technologies, these boxes are quite easy to print in numerous styles. The individuals do not use pillow gift boxes but many businessmen use them to offer gifts to their clients.

How To Make Pillow Gift Boxes?

As the pillow gift boxes are commonly utilized accordingly, they are readily accessible as well. Still, if you want to make these boxes on your own, then you need to a simple tutorial. At the moment, we are here to explain you some easy steps through which you can create these boxes easily at home. Have a look:

Things You Need

• Pencil
• Double sided tape
• Card
• Template
• Scissors



  1. First of all, you need to print out a template to make the pillow gift box.
  2. After getting the template, you have to start cutting on the marked lines but be careful. On the other hand, the procedure to make pillow gift box will be the same whether you use a template or not. You can easily choose the size of the template according to your choice.
  3. You need to mark out the template on the inner side of your selected card and then start cutting around it from the outer side. To make out the curve, you have to remove the top sections.
  4. Also, you can easily follow the instruction onto your card.
  5. To create the pillow gift box, you have to start scoring and folding onto the center line and then the side flap.
  6. You need to score out the curves but be cautious.
  7. You have to fold the curves up to 90 degrees angle. Start from the smaller sections so that the scoring and folding be easy for you for the larger sections.
  8. If you want to support the curves, then you have to make a small cut into any of the curves. In this way, the box will be easy to open.
  9. At present, you have to place the box altogether. You can make use of the double-sided tape or can also use glue. Many people prefer duct tape; it is also a good option. On the other hand, you have to make sure not to use the staples as they are not so dependable. You need to run the tape over the side flap and then fix it to the other side.
  10. From the one end, you have to fold one curve to the 90 degrees as well as fold the other curve to the top. You need to repeat this step at the other end.
  11. Your pillow gift is now ready, and you can easily wrap up the gift item in it.
    This method was simple, quick as well as incredible to package your gift items. You can wrap up jewelry, sweets and other items in this box.

However, the decorations and embellishments depend on you. Once you create this box, then you can adorn it with ribbons, laces, bows and other items. Not just that, you can take a patterned or printed paper to create this box. Creating this box for the gift and occasion is essential.

Pillow gift boxes are an ideal option to cover up the gifts and keep them safe from shocks and environmental aspects. These boxes can be created in numerous shades and structures. If you are not fond of making boxes on your own than not to worry!

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